Thursday, April 17, 2008

Their First Ride

When my sister was here visiting, Jeremy got the motorcycle out for the kids' first ride. My sister had her camera and took some great pictures, but then was unable to get them off her camera onto our computer. I was waiting till I got her great pictures, but decided to post what I had taken with our camera anyway. So, here they are! I think you can tell by the kids' faces that they had a blast. My favorite part? When Jeremy tried to let Caitlyn try it out by herself! Even though he was walking along beside her and holding onto the handlebars, she panicked and tightened down on the gas. Away she went, straight for the fence! Jeremy managed to turn the bike on its side and get control of it seconds before it went plowing through! Needless to say, that was enough for Caitlyn, and she has refused to try it by herself since. The last picture in the slide show is of the wreck. You can't see much, but I shot that picture on accident when I was busy panicking!