Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lost Pic From Washington, D.C. Trip

I was getting the pictures from our Tennessee trip off the camera last night, and realized there were a few more pictures on there from our Washington, D.C. trip last week. I saw this picture that Jeremy took and thought it was worth posting. Since it was sold out the day we were there, we didn't get to go up in the Washington Monument, but when you are standing on The Mall you can get great pictures of the monument.


Jennifer Warriner said...

I don't know if you all have ever been in the Washington Monument, but it sure is an unbelievable view! When we went in January with my mom and sister, my mom was insistant on taking the kids up to the top of the monument. John and I were not so thrilled about what was involved in getting up there. My poor mom waited in line to get tickets, then walked back to the museum we were in to tell us we needed to be at the monument in 30 minutes, which then involved another 30 minute wait. I must admit it was awesome though and I would recomment the "pain" involved to get those views up there!