Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Family Halloween Costumes

Nothing like waiting till the last minute! We have changed our minds several times, but I think we have mostly decided on our costumes for this year. Luke is wearing the tiger costume that John David wore at that age, John David is being Yoda of course and I just have to finish his green felt ears. Kylie is dressing up as this Ice Cream Cone from FamilyFun.com.

Caitlyn is venturing out as a Cave Girl from FamilyFun.com.

Jeremy has yet to decided if he's going as Chewbacca again this year or trying something new. I am having trouble deciding between this Ms. Pacman Costume I found at FamilyFun.com....

or this Bubble Bather also found at FamilyFun.com.

I am definitely leaning towards the Ms. Pacman. I'm not sure I'd be able to find a tub big enough! What do you think? If you are like us and are scrambling to get a costume together at the last minute, FamilyFun.com is the place to look! They have tons of quick, easy, and creative ideas! I'm going to try and talk Jeremy into this one: Alien Encounter! :D

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Grandma and Poppy Are Here!

My parents flew in on Thursday and the kids were so excited! We have all been having a really great time, and enjoying the few days we get before Mom and Dad have to return home. Even though we will see them again at Thanksgiving, it seems like we just haven't gotten much time with them this year. Since we never get to spend my mom's birthday with her (it's on Nov. 9th), we decided to make her a carrot cake and surprise her with a mini birthday celebration. The kids decorated a big poster which they were very proud of and we tried our best to let her know that though we are far away most of the time, she is always thought of and close to our hearts. We love you Grandma! Happy Early Birthday! Note: Don't worry, she's not really turning 72! We were just joking! :D

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Family Pics

Saying it's difficult to get all the members of our family clean, happy and looking at the camera at the same time is an understatement. A friend of mine managed to catch this rarely seen moment on film for us a few days ago. Thank you, Dar!

The place we went to get our pictures taken was so pretty! Afterward, the kids had fun exploring. Kylie, not surprisingly, took off after the geese!

This is Luke right before he tried to dive off the dock!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall is Here!

The last few weeks have brought chilly nights, our leaves changing colors, talk of Halloween and pumpkins, and lots of fun! Today has been our first "real" chilly day with temperatures in the mid-50's. Kylie has been having a blast at her new dance class, and is learning lots of new stuff. they are even putting on a performance of the Nutcracker on December 11th and Kylie's hoping for a part as a snowflake! She woke up this morning with a croopy sounding cough, so I'm hoping that with some rest today she'll bounce back quick from her little bug.

Caitlyn is doing well with violin back in session for the year. She started fifth grade last month and is has been a bit of an adjustment. Her work actually requires her to study (something she's never had to do before) and she's trying to get used to that. She is still getting A's and B's but gone are the days of easy 100's. Caitlyn is actually two years ahead in school and we're just letting her go at her own pace right now. Since her adventure at camp this summer, she has been a bit more grown-up. She's is experiencing her first real crush and we hear about him ALL the time right now!

John David just turned five yesterday! Here's some pictures of him and his best friend, Raymond, visiting the fire station for his birthday. I made him a R2D2 cake and he was so excited! No laughing! He got a couple Transformers toys and a BB gun for his birthday. I can't believ how fats he is growing up. We measured him the other day and he has grown a whole three inches since March! No wonder I can't seem to keep him in clothes.

Luke is everywhere and happy exploring. He has discovered how to open the front door and tries to escape on a regular basis, so we have to keep the door locked at all times now. He is eating table food now and learning to use a fork and spoon but he has a ways to go yet with that. He recently learned the word "no" and likes to run away from me when I call him, typical toddler stuff. He definitely keeps us on our feet! Luke is growing by leaps and bounds too, and is wearing 18-24 months clothes. Where does the time go?!

Jeremy and I have been pretty busy. Jeremy has been swamped with extra work at Dupont. But we're thankful that he has a job so I won't complain too much. :) My website, My Four Monkeys, has kept me busy as well as school and church activities. We are currently doing some painting and home improvement work at the house. Thanksgiving is fast approaching as is our trip to Tennessee that we are all looking forward to. My parents are coming to visit the end of next week, and Jeremy's Grandpa Marvin was here just recently. It's always so much fun to see everybody!

That's about all for now. Love you all, and thank you to God Almighty who has blessed us with a healthy and happy family!