Monday, January 26, 2009

Chewy, Chewy, Chewy

Here are a couple recent pictures of Chewy. He is growing bigger by the minute it seems sometimes! He is now three months old, and doing great. He obeys most simple commands, like sit, come, drop it, etc.... He even recently learned to shake! He has proven to be a joy, and once he was potty trained, even I fell in love! :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

John David and His Bling Bling

John David earned a dollar the other day, for having a good attitude and picking up the Lego mess without being asked. Anyway, he was very anxious to go spend it at the Dollar Tree, so him and I took a quick trip last night to see what we could find at our favorite store. This is what he bought! I was trying very hard not to laugh, and so was the cashier. According to him, this is a "pirate necklace", but Jeremy said it was very reminiscent of Mr. T!

Lukey is Five Months Old

First, sorry it's been two weeks since a post. We actually haven't been too awful busy. The time just got away from me. This past weekend, Luke turned five months old! He is almost sitting completely on his own. He finally rolled over from his belly to his back, but hasn't been able to conquer rolling over the other direction yet...can't seem to get over his arm! :) As you probably saw in the video from two weeks ago, he is squealing and talking up a storm. He has grown a ton recently, and I'm anxious to see how much he weighs at his sixth month checkup. Luke's hair has turned even more blonde, and has lost some of the reddish tint that was in it. His eyes are still the most gorgeous blue! He has been very healthy, except for a mild cold that lasted about a week. Luke has turned into a very mellow baby, and as long as he gets fed and changed, he's smiling! Such a blessing! He is still nursing, and after consulting a couple different lactation consultants, it looks like he'll be continuing that until he gets a bit older and we can start him on a cup. Hope you enjoy the pictures! Love you all, and thank you to God Almighty for my family!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Luke the Squealer

Luke continues to discover new and exciting things every day. He has now moved on from sticking out his tongue to squealing loudly! The video below is a normal scene here at our house recently. Lots of squealing! The second video is of John David helping Jeremy put Luke's crib together. We moved Luke into a crib finally right after Christmas. As usual, John David was all too happy to help Daddy work with tools. He is such a little man! Enjoy the videos, and continue to pray for us. Three out of the four kiddos are sick right now. It's just the normal winter cold, but with our kids it usually ends up in their chests. We have yet to break out the breathing machine (nebulizer) this winter, and were hoping to not have to. We actually haven't had to use it since late Spring. We are trying to keep the kids well, the boys especially. Love you all, and thank you to God Almighty for our precious little boys!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vote For John David

Everyone loved the pictures that my sister took of our family, and one in particular got a lot of comments! This picture of John David is probably my favorite picture yet of him. So, on a whim, I entered it in a photo contest. You can go to this link and vote for his picture to win. Vote for the dimples!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Gingerbread Train

Before Christmas, Pam and Billy gave the kids a gingerbread Train Kit. They were so excited, and had been asking to do a gingerbread house for weeks. Right before we left for Tennessee, we finally broke it out and put it together. With all of us working on it, we had it together in no time. I knew there would be many pieces of candy that would disappear into our little children's mouths, but I never imagined that John David could eat soooo much candy without getting sick. He has a sweet tooth like you would not believe. For every piece of candy he put on the gingerbread train, AT LEAST one went in his mouth, most of the time more! Jeremy and I just kept watching him, thinking that surely he would start to feel sick at some point. When we finished, we were all very proud of our masterpiece. Love you all, and thank you to God Almighty for another year!