Saturday, November 20, 2010

We Disappeared and Had a Blast

With all the trouble I've had with my laptop lately, I haven't posted much about our family happenings. Most of my postures and things were being held captive. :) Anyway, Jeremy is my hero! He found a way to get all my pictures and files off my laptop, and while it is still not fixed, I at least I have all my goodies back.

Halloween was a very busy weekend for us with our church's Fall Festival, our annual Halloween party, and Jeremy's 33rd birthday! I managed to get a couple quick (but not very good) pictures that weekend. Actually, I only remembered to snap two. Sorry!

All my little monsters - Can you see our ninja?
Some of the food from our party. Don't you love our eyeballs?

The week after Halloween, Jeremy surprised us with a family getaway. It was nothing fancy, but we kind of disappeared for three days and got some much needed family time together. We made some fun memories, and had a blast. We stayed in a hotel only about an hour and a half away from home, swam in the hotel pool, stayed up late, slept in late, spent an evening at Chuckie E. Cheese, played at a bounce house, and so much more.

We happened to have dinner at a local Chi-Fil-A during their weekly Family Night while we were gone. They had the best clown we have ever seen! He was amazing with balloon animals and made things like mermaids, Elmo, and monkeys! Each of the kiddos got their own balloon animal. It made their night!

Kylie and her balloon octopus
John David got a lightsaber
Caitlyn and her balloon penguin
Luke got a little turtle that was also a bracelet. Isn't it cute?!

We are heading out of town this week to Tennessee for the Thanksgiving holiday. We will also be making the rounds to visit family in Indiana and Ohio, so we won't be back till the 3rd of December. It should be a long trip, but we always love it when we get to visit with our loved ones!


Monday, November 1, 2010

See Jeremy Preach!

From time to time, Jeremy gets a chance to preach at our church. He is such a great preacher, and many people in our church family love to hear him preach. Our church now films every service and post it on their website. Last Sunday night (Oct. 24th), Jeremy preached a powerful sermon called "Following a Familiar Voice." You can see it online at, just click on the Oct. 24th service. The first several minutes are the beginning of the service, but then Jeremy gets up to preach (about 26 minutes in). It was a special "Team Sunday" so that's why our Preacher is in his RedSkins Jersey! :) Enjoy!