Monday, September 27, 2010

Family Day at Maymont Park

It is chilly and raining today, but last Thursday the sun was out full force, and we took my parents to a local park for some fun family time. This park was no normal park as it has a waterfall, a gorgeous Japanese Garden, and animals! By the end of the day, we were hot and exhausted from all the walking (lots of hills), but had so much fun!

Grandma, Poppy, and all the grandkids
Sittin pretty
John David thought he had to pose at every big rock for a picture :)
Isn't this a gorgeous owl?
The waterfall
The kiddos couldn't wait to get in the water!
Luke and Daddy getting their feet wet
Taking a waterfall shower!
Feeding the Coi fish at the Japanese Water Garden
It was just left over cracker crumbs, but the fish and the geese didn't care
Daddy and the kiddos decided to venture out to the Stepping Stones
This is the life!


Friday, September 24, 2010

Twisted Sister Revival

A couple weeks ago I posted about a fun night we had had at our church where we hosted a dinner and music evening with parodies of popular songs, rewritten into a Christian version. Jeremy also had a character to play that night. Along with a few of his friends, they gave Twisted Sister a little revival! Check out the video!

I think Jeremy had a little too much fun dressing up like a rocker (he's the blonde on the end), but it was so funny! What's even funnier is that two of the guys in that group are completely bald. It was definitely strange to see them with hair. :) I have a feeling we'll see that costume again on Halloween!

The boys' joint birthday party is tomorrow. It's a pirate party! I'll be sure and post pictures next week.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Vacation Bible School and a Small Birthday Celebration

A couple weeks ago, we spent the whole week having a blast at Vacation Bible School at our church. As VBS Director, I was super busy, but the week turned out to be a hit with all the kids! Here's some pictures of our kiddos from the week of VBS. Our theme was Route 254 and each night we "visited" a different location on our road trip through the US. From Washington, D.C. to Chicago, we ate themed snacks and created fun crafts and souvenirs from our trip!

Jeremy and I
Jeremy and Mike
Caitlyn and her friend, Kasie
Me and my best friend, Pam

In the middle of the week was Luke's second birthday (we are celebrating it with a party later this month), but we didn't want to let it sneak by without at least a little celebration! So we had dinner together that night right before VBS, and enjoyed some cupcakes! :)


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - New Family Pics