Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Praise God!!!

Just wanted to update all my prayer warriors on the prayer request I posted yesterday. Our friends' son, Dawson, has been diagnosed with leukemia. They have received the results of bone marrow biopsy and the news is about as good as it can be. He has been diagnosed with a form of leukemia that has a treatment success rate of 90%. It looks like he will hopefully be back home early next week, and will receive his treatments via a port a cath. Tammy and Will are in good spirits, but still need your prayers for the journey ahead. 

More Pictures of Luke

If you're like me, and you can't get enough of Luke, here's some more pictures especially for you! This first one is one of my favorites! Andrea did a great job capturing this beautiful picture...

We sadly said goodbye to Grandma and Poppy this morning. Hopefully we'll see them again in a few months.....

A couple more good pics of his face. I love his expression in the second one! :)

Love you all, and thank you to God Almighty who for now has blessed us with these.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Attention Prayer Warriors......

I know that we have some great prayer warriors in our circle of friends and family, and that is why I am posting this prayer request. Our friends, Tammy and Will Atkins, just found out that their two year old son, Dawson, has leukemia. They are in for a long journey, but are looking to God for peace and strength. They also have two other children, Dawson's twin sister, Bella, and Channing, the twin's baby brother. Please pray for complete healing for Dawson! We know that God is capable of miracles, and they could sure use one right now. Please pray for them.

Some Special Moments

My sister had the fabulous job of keeping John and Kylie busy in the waiting room while I was in labor. Luckily it wasn't too awful long. She used the opportunity to get some special pictures, and the kids kept busy posing for her. Here are a few of my faves.......

Luke is a Week Old!

One week ago today, Luke was born! It has been a great week full of lots of firsts for Luke. The kids are still really enjoying Luke, although John David holds his hands over his ears when the baby cries. But hey, can you blame him? I think John and Kylie were a little disappointed when they realized that he mostly just sleeps and eats right now. But Kylie is definitely in love with her new little brother. She is quiet, but all smiles around Luke. Caitlyn is already starting her "little mommy" role. No surprise there. I am feeling good, and Jeremy and I are adjusting to less sleep. My mom and dad are leaving tomorrow morning, and my sister flies out on Saturday. I'm excited to start getting back to normal life, and I use the term "normal" very loosely of course, but I will miss all the help for sure! Here are a few more pictures from this last week I though you would enjoy.

Luke and his VERY proud big brother!

Luke's first bath........

Luke's first spa treatment! :)

Love you all, and thank you to God Almighty who has for now blessed us with these.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

At Home and Doing Well

We have been home for over 24 hours now, and doing well. My parents arrived yesterday afternoon, and that has been a blessing. We are enjoying the new baby, and spending time with family. So far Luke seems to be a very easy baby, healthy, laid back, alert, and a good nurser.We have had some great answers to prayer in the last few days, and for that we give God all the glory! I am doing good too, a little sore and tired, but feeling better all the time. After the delivery, my liver was not functioning properly, but has fixed itself and is doing well now. Caitlyn was present in the room for the delivery, and surprised us all by her maturity. It was a great experience to share with her, and I think it definitely gave her a special bond with Luke. Here are a few pictures that Andrea has taken in the last few days. More to come. Love you all, and thank you to God Almighty who has blessed us with a healthy baby.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Hello All! This is Andrea (yes, "Angie's sister").  As you may have gathered from the title, Luke was born today! He is 9 lbs. 15 oz. and 21 inches long!  Angie is in the hospital, so she asked me to post some pictures. I tried tonigth, but for some reason it couldn't upload them on to her site. However, there  are some on my blog that I posted earlier today. Just follow the link to right. :) 

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

John David the Cowboy/Jedi

Thought you might all enjoy these pics of John that Andrea took today. His sense of style is fantastic, don't you think?

The Heart Attack Tree

I know it's been a lot of posts today, but I'm trying to catch up a little. I just had to add these pics to the blog. On Saturday, the kids were out in the yard playing almost the entire day as they have been often lately. They were catching butterflies, climbing trees, and of course getting good and dirty. Jeremy went to call the girls in for dinner, but he didn't see them. When he called for them, they answered, but again he couldn't see them. When he asked where they were, they replied, "In the tree!" As you can see from the pictures, this tree is not a little tree, and the girls were close to the top. They have never climbed this tree before, and even the lowest branches are out of their reach, or so we thought. The second picture is one Andrea took BEFORE they got down, and you can't even see them! I about had a heart attack! I had to leave and go back in the house while Jeremy got them down out of the tree. Caitlyn climbed down quite easily, but surprisingly Kylie got scared when she realized how high up she was. Jeremy went to the rescue, and climbed up the tree and got her down. Needless to say, they got a good talking to after the initial shock wore off! The things kids do!

Fountain Fun

Friday night after VBS concluded, we went with some friends to El Paso Restaurant to celebrate a successful week. Outside the restaurant in the courtyard, there is a large fountain. After such a hectic week, some playtime in the fountain was just what the doctor ordered. Even Jeremy got in on the fun. It wasn't until Jeremy and the kids were already soaked through and through that Andrea noticed the sign posted nearby! Oops! It's times like these that make the best memories.

Kylie is a Child of the King!

Kylie has been asking a lot of questions recently about getting baptized, and about salvation. A little over a week ago, she announced that she wanted to get baptized. She has asked Jesus into her heart before (last year), but it was mostly at her sister's prompting and Jeremy and I both knew that she didn't fully understand what she was doing. Monday night after VBS, Kylie prompted the discussion again. Jeremy talked to her for awhile, and she very sweetly asked him to help her pray the prayer of salvation. She actually understood much more than we even realized, and it was such a sweet conversion. What a blessing to be a part of your child's salvation decision. Sunday night Kylie got baptized, and she was so excited and proud of her decision. I am so thankful that our children are able to grow up in an atmosphere where they can be unashamed of the gospel of Christ! As you can see from the pictures, Caitlyn and John were right there to cheer her on. It was such a beautiful moment, a memory to cherish.

Baby Update

I am now 38 weeks, and anxiously waiting for my doctor to return from vacation. My amniotic fluid levels are starting to drop, but other than that my body seems to be holding strong. I am scheduled for induction early Monday morning when my doctor returns. I have been having a lot of contractions and early labor signs the last few days, and I have one more ultrasound and doctor's appointment on Friday. Hopefully I can hold off till my doctor returns, but as we all know babies come when they want to. This is the longest I've ever carried a baby! As you've probably noticed, there have been no pictures of me recently on the blog. :) I will just tell you that my belly is bigger than it has ever been, and the doctors are estimating that Luke will be over nine pounds like John David! Even though I am currently only three pounds heavier than when I got pregnant, the baby has taken over my body! I can barely reach the gas and brake pedals in the van, and haven't been able to drive Jeremy's truck for awhile now. We have a standup shower in our bathroom with a door that I will just say is not wide enough anymore for me. :) Only five more days at the most. Wow! Now that it is so close, we're all nervous and excited at the same time. We'll post pics ASAP on Monday. Pray for an easy delivery! Love you all, and thank you to God Almighty who has blessed us with such incredible reminders of His glory!

Cactus Canyon - VBS 2008

What a week of Vacation Bible School! We did a western themed VBS this year called Cactus Canyon. With all that's been going on with the baby this year, I knew it would be difficult to get everything ready in time, but I have to say that my third year as VBS director came together nicely. God provided some great volunteers that really stepped up and took up the slack when I didn't have the energy to get things done. My friend Jennifer served as my co-director this year, and I couldn't have done it without her. She's such a hard worker, and did a majority of the work for me. Having my sister here was a great help too. We always take lots of pictures during the week that we put into a slideshow for a special program the Sunday night after VBS. Andrea did all our photography, and created the best slideshow we've ever had. The week was a huge success, and we had 14 kids who accepted Christ as t heir Savior during VBS! Our kids had a great time, and we were all definitely worn out after the week was done! Here are a few of the pictures that Andrea took. Enjoy!