Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Heart Attack Tree

I know it's been a lot of posts today, but I'm trying to catch up a little. I just had to add these pics to the blog. On Saturday, the kids were out in the yard playing almost the entire day as they have been often lately. They were catching butterflies, climbing trees, and of course getting good and dirty. Jeremy went to call the girls in for dinner, but he didn't see them. When he called for them, they answered, but again he couldn't see them. When he asked where they were, they replied, "In the tree!" As you can see from the pictures, this tree is not a little tree, and the girls were close to the top. They have never climbed this tree before, and even the lowest branches are out of their reach, or so we thought. The second picture is one Andrea took BEFORE they got down, and you can't even see them! I about had a heart attack! I had to leave and go back in the house while Jeremy got them down out of the tree. Caitlyn climbed down quite easily, but surprisingly Kylie got scared when she realized how high up she was. Jeremy went to the rescue, and climbed up the tree and got her down. Needless to say, they got a good talking to after the initial shock wore off! The things kids do!