Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cactus Canyon - VBS 2008

What a week of Vacation Bible School! We did a western themed VBS this year called Cactus Canyon. With all that's been going on with the baby this year, I knew it would be difficult to get everything ready in time, but I have to say that my third year as VBS director came together nicely. God provided some great volunteers that really stepped up and took up the slack when I didn't have the energy to get things done. My friend Jennifer served as my co-director this year, and I couldn't have done it without her. She's such a hard worker, and did a majority of the work for me. Having my sister here was a great help too. We always take lots of pictures during the week that we put into a slideshow for a special program the Sunday night after VBS. Andrea did all our photography, and created the best slideshow we've ever had. The week was a huge success, and we had 14 kids who accepted Christ as t heir Savior during VBS! Our kids had a great time, and we were all definitely worn out after the week was done! Here are a few of the pictures that Andrea took. Enjoy!