Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Smiles Galore

Luke has been smiling so much these days. He is changing daily it seems, and I wanted to make sure that we caught some it on video and in pictures. He is almost two months old, about 12 1/2 pounds now, has grown into 3-6 month clothes, and is currently in need of the next size up diapers as well. He is making lots of noises, and really starting to be aware of people around him. He recognizes Jeremy's voice well now, and smiles when he hears him. Luke is awake more, and less fussy most of the time. He still will not take a pacifier, but is nursing well so I'm not complaining. Here are some pictures that I took yesterday, and two videos too. The first video captured a brief smile. The second video is longer, but listening to John David trying to make Luke laugh is really funny. Enjoy!