Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy 31st Birthday Jeremy!

Today is Jeremy's 31st birthday! Here's a picture of his John Deere tractor cake that I did for him. It's still not up to my parents' professional standards, but pretty darn good for me! :)


Pam I am! said...

You did great, friend! So proud of you! As for are fabulous! Its amazing how we learn to get creative for that special time. But hey..things are looking up for you...Bre is driving on her own now!!! :) Thanks for listening to me and being a great friend. Oh and I decided to dress up find me! See ya soon! Prayin for you and your family. (and grandma) LOVE YA'LL!

Andrea said...

That looks as good as our first cake! You did a great job!

Andrea said...

Okay sorry, I keep forgetting I am on Andrea's computer. This is mom.