Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Sweet Son

John David is always saying the sweetest things to me. He likes to tell me that I'm pretty. What mother wouldn't love that?! He cuddles up next to me, looks me in the eyes, and says, "Momma, you're so pretty," or "Momma, you're hair is so pretty like that." He always says it at the most perfect times too, like when it's noon, I'm still in my jammies, my hair is thrown up in a halfway ponytail, my eyes are black because I didn't remove my makeup the night get my point. It really is the sweetest thing, and I always treasure those moments. Today however, I got an entirely different comment that I had to share. As I stepped out of the shower, there was John David at my bathroom door. Kylie was there also, and made some comment about my belly button before I could get the towel around me. John David then says, "You're not fat, right Mommy?" I didn't want to fib (yes, I am well aware of my chubbiness! :)), so I just said, "Well, John, I appreciate that." Then as he looks me sweetly in the face, he says, "You're just huge, right?" Now, I know that he really didn't understand what he was saying (right?), but I couldn't help but start laughing. What a sweet boy!! :)


Julie said...

aww kids say the funniest things!! I love the sweetness a son has for his mom. just as the daughters have a sweetness for their dad.

Heather said...

That's a great story. I have a funny one of Lane years ago, don't know if I could put it on here though. Tell you later ;-)

Thanks for sharing!