Friday, October 31, 2008

Me, the Gourmet Chef....Who Knew?

As most parents of four, Jeremy and I don't get many chances to have a date night. So, I decided to start doing a kind of date night at home. Jeremy and I at the dinner table by ourselves, lights low,...... you know the drill. Usually our dinner conversation is a mixture of all the kids talking at once, tattling on who got in trouble that day, what we did during school, and Jeremy and I only get a few words in. I decided to make us a restaurant grade meal, and stick the kids in front of a movie with something simple to eat. Yes, I know this probably breaks some cardinal rule of parenting, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Anyway, last night was our first one, and my meal turned out great! Here are some pictures of my steak with mushroom bourbon sauce minus the bourbon (it turned out more like gravy), my potato roses, and a itallian rice and orzo mixture. Not bad if I say so myself!!


Pam I am! said...

GREAT JOB! Just call you Rachel Ray! Okay Okay Angie will do! :) So proud of you...Oh and you have inspired me to blog so feel free to check out my new page. (it needs work so any help appreciated Ms. Professional Blogger friend!) ha Love ya....check it out... like the name? I will add pics later!

Keeley said...

I am super impressed!!! I especially love the potato roses. So cool!!! I can't believe you are able to make time for something like that. Let me know when you are coming to town.