Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Birthdays at Nanny's

On the way back through Indiana, we spent some time with my aunt and uncle, Cheryl (aka Nanny) and Mike. We always love spending time there and the kids love sleeping on the bean bag chair, the same bean bag chair that my brother and sister and I fought over when we were little. :)We arrived on Thursday afternoon, just in time for my cousin's daughter, Marisa's, birthday dinner. She turned twelve! I can't believe it, seeing as how I remember when she was born prematurely and wasn't much bigger than a grown man's hand! Marisa and the kids helped make and decorate the birthday cupcakes. John David made a mess as usual with the sprinkles, and drowned his cupcake in blue toppings! in the midst of all the cupcake making, the baby was getting fussy so Jeremy headed upstairs to see if he could coax Luke to sleep. I went upstairs to check on them later, and discovered them both sacked out (picture below). Jeremy was just as tired as Luke I think! Just the week before our visit, Nanny had fallen and broke her shoulder. She was doing much better when we arrived on our way back through, but still VERY sore. Thank the Lord though that she will not have to have surgery!! We enjoyed playing a few games of "10,000" before we hit the sack. The next morning we were visited by Uncle Joe and Leona, and then we went on to see Grandma Thomas (I'll post pictures of that tomorrow). We left there, and headed to my cousin Jen's house for lunch with her, her husband, and their son Sam. Their son Isaac was at school, but the kids still had a good time playing with Sam, and dressing up as superheroes. Jen and her husband, Jeremy, just recently found out that they are expecting twins! How exciting! Jen has been feeling a bit yucky, but looked great nonetheless. From there we drove to Ohio, where we spent the night at my mom's sister Avis's house. We spent time with Aunt Avis and Doug, and my cousins Laura and Jamie, and Laura's son Brody. We really enjoyed our visit, Learned all about corn bags, got to see Wilbur their 11 year old pot bellied pig, and hope to be back there again next trip. The next morning we headed home, and arrived here around 7:30 Saturday evening. We were gone nine days, and very happy to be home!

Marisa, John, and Kylie

The Cupcakes (John David's is on the top right corner)

Poor Nanny!

Jeremy and Luke taking a nap

Uncle, Joe, Leona, and Luke

Jen and Jeremy - Congratulations!!

John aka "Batman" and Kylie aka "The Thing"