Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Catchin' Up

So much has happened over the last few days, so I will try and catch you all up to date. First, Kylie's appointment with the dermatologist went very well. The doctor is pretty sure that the mole is not cancerous! Praise God!! She feels that it is one of two things: either a type of birthmark, or a benign mole that because of it's constant growing and changing will need to be removed. They did a biopsy and we should get the results in a week or so. After we get the results they will decide whether to remove the mole or not. Kylie was very brave, and even though I know that the initial injection hurt and she was scared, she did very well. Her back is a bit sore, but should heal within the next two weeks. To say the least, I was very thankful and relieved at the news!

Second, my grandpa is now home from the hospital and doing better. My grandmother is now off the ventilator, but still on oxygen, and her heart is only functioning at 20%. The prognosis is not good, and my grandpa and my parents are having to make some hard decisions. Please pray for peace and comfort for my grandparents and my parents. Everyone is exhausted emotionally and physically. They need lots of prayer.

Thirdly, we were very excited when Luke slept through the night on Monday night. Last night didn't go so well, as he was up several times, but I am still optimistic that consistant sleep is heading my way!! :)

Jeremy's birthday is coming up on Friday, and the kids and I are preparing for his birthday celebration as well as the Fall Festival at church. I think that's all for now. Love you all, and thank you to God Almighty who blesses us abundantly.