Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vacation Journal, Final Chapter

Wednesday, May 21st

We went to see the caverns today, after first spending the morning playing card games with the kids. (John David was so excited when he won a game of crazy eights.) The caverns were such a sight to see, and we were all glad that we endured the walking to see it. John David was a little scared when we first went down in the caverns. He kept covering his eyes, but he warmed up after a bit, and enjoyed it, I think. Jeremy took some incredible pictures, but you'd have to be there to fully experience the wonder of one of God's most beautiful creations. We also took a try at the Garden Maze they have there at the caverns. The maze is pretty big, and so much fun. The girls really enjoyed it, but after you hit several dead ends you begin to think you may never get out! Jeremy treated us to a meal at the Stalactite Cafe, and then we headed back to the house to do a little fishing. The fishing only lasted a few minutes as the heavens opened up and the rain came down, just as Jeremy had predicted not ten minutes earlier. We didn't mind, but the kids wanted out of the rain, so back to the house we went. Before long the rain had stopped. As the kids were winding down for bed with a movie, Jeremy snuck down to the river to do a little fishing before dark. Shortly after he walked out the back door, there erupted screams from the living room. All I could make out was something about a bird. Sure enough, as I rounded the corner to the living room there was bird perched on a hanging plant in the house! All I could do was yell for Jeremy. I was too afraid of the thing to catch it! (Since I saw the movie "The Birds" when I was eighteen, I have been terrified of crow-like birds!)As usual, Jeremy came to our rescue, catching the intruder and releasing it outside, but only after I took a picture of the terrifying beast, of course! :)

Thursday, May 22nd

We awoke this morning to another bird in the house. Luckily, this one was nice enough to fly out the door when Jeremy opened it. He did have to catch another one this afternoon though, that flew in one of the chimneys. What crazy birds! This is our last full day here in Luray. Jeremy and I spent some time this morning in the swing by the willow tress, talking, swinging, and enjoying the view. We didn't do much today, just enjoyed the time we had left. We had a good time playing a family game of Sorry. John David was on my "team" since there's only four players. His job was to move our red pawns around the board. His favorite part was knocking somebody out and back to "Start". He would ask almost every turn if we could "knock somebody out"!

Friday, May 23rd

We are on our way back to "real life" today. Right now, I am trying to keep my car sickness at bay. These country mountain roads are so curvy! We were all a little sad to leave this morning, but at the same time I think we're ready to go home. Jeremy and I decided we definitely want to try and come back next year. We made some great memories that we won't soon forget. What a blessing this week has been!