Tuesday, May 6, 2008

24 Weeks and Counting

We just got back from soccer practice (The last practice of the season is next week! Yeah!), and I thought I'd post a "pregger" update real quick. I went to the ob/gyn today, and so far no dilation as of yet, which is a good thing. I have been having contractions (small ones), and with my history the doctor just wanted to start checking. Better safe than sorry, I guess. Everything is still looking very good. I have some swelling that I've been dealing with, but it's just normal pregnancy swelling. I have been seeing both the ob/gyn and the endocrinologist every two weeks since I was 18 weeks, and that will continue till we get closer. Of course, then it will be weekly appointments. As you can see by my increasingly large belly, the baby is growing just fine. By my guess, if I make it as far as I did with John David, Luke may be big enough to surpass John's almost 9 1/2 pounds. The baby moves all the time now, and often keeps me awake at night. But I'm not complaining, and I'm grateful that he's active and healthy. The kids are getting anxious, and Caitlyn keeps asking me, "How many more months?" Before we know it though, it'll be a matter of days!