Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Violin Pictures

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday. We have been running crazy since this morning! First stop was the ENT doctor to take a look at Kylie. Her hearing has been a little off, and she's been snoring worse. Nothing to worry about, but she just needs a nose spray. We ran a few errands and then headed to Portrait Innovations to get Caitlyn's picture taken with her violin. They turned out great, and her and I had a extremely hard time choosing our favorites. She was so excited and really deserved to do something special. She's been such a great help lately! My friend Pam scanned them in for me (thank you!). The top one is my favorite. How regal! She looks so grown up! After everything was said and done, looking at the pictures made me realize just how much she has changed this year. I've talked about how much I've learned through our experiences over this past year, but she has learned just as much if not more. She's had to learn that sometimes God doesn't always give us what we pray for, a hard lesson for a child. She's had to face grief and loss, and she's done it with a strength that has surprised us. She's learned so much about the real world, and how the other half lives. The bubble that we sometimes sheltered her with burst wide open this year. Sure, she has shed some tears, but they've been brave tears. On the other side of all that's happened, she has thrived and developed a self confidence that amazes me and an unshakable faith that I admire. As painful as watching her grow can be, I can't wait to see how God uses her knowing that she is willing and open to His will. Love you all, and thank you to God Almighty for teaching us the most important lessons through the eyes of our children.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics!