Monday, March 17, 2008

They've Arrived!

My parents have arrived in Beruit safely! I just received an email from them, and wanted to share part of it with you..........

"Just wanted to drop you a note before going to bed We arrived safely and on time. The flight was very long and took some real endurance.
Just had dinner with the camp team and they are extremely friendly and thrilled to have us here. Tomorrow we will see there bookstore and tour the school.
The most danger we are in has nothing to do with bombing, just manuveuring the traffic is frightening. This place makes dad's driving look like he is a top grade driver training teacher! You would not beleive it. You just need to see it to believe."

If the driving is worse than my Dad's, it must be pretty bad! Please continue to pray for their safety. Can't wait till they're home!