Tuesday, March 25, 2008

18 Weeks and Counting.......

Okay, I usually almost never post pictures of me, but since my belly has grown quite a bit recently I thought I would post a few for all my family that doesn't get to see me frequently. I am 18 weeks today, and exactly two weeks from today we will have our 20 week ultrasound. We are all very excited, and with my sister, Jeremy, and all the kids, it'll be a family affair! John David is still very much convinced that the baby is a boy, and has even named it! Yesterday, he told my doctor that "my baby, Luke, is in my mommy's belly." I'm praying that if the ultrasound shows that the baby is a girl, which by the way would be perfectly fine with us, that John doesn't get too upset! :) I really have a feeling that the baby is a boy, but I guess we'll see in two weeks. I saw my diabetes doctor yesterday and he put me on insulin. Yes, I am bummed, but it's not so bad. Right now, I am only on one injection at bedtime, so I can't complain. This morning I saw my OB, and everything went fine. My blood pressure is still continuing to hold its own for now. Besides being a little more tired than normal, I am feeling really good. Love you all, and thank you to God Almighty who has blessed us with a new little miracle!


Stephanie said...


You still look beautiful- maybe even more so!

I'm always glad to hear you and your family are doing well. It makes my day to read your updates!