Sunday, March 16, 2008

Soccer Saturday

Kylie and John David's first soccer game was Saturday morning. All the kids on our team have never played organized soccer, and only had one practice before their first game. Over all, I thought they did an excellent job! We had one little girl get stage fright and burst into tears about two minutes into the game. We only have five kids on the team, and three play at a time. So when the other little girl started crying and refused to play anymore, Kylie was called off the bench. She ended up playing the entire game, and scored at least one goal that I saw. Sometimes when all the kids are bunched up around the ball, it's hard to tell who actually kicked it in the goal. John wasn't feeling really well (I'll get to that later), but he still played about half the game. He scored a goal too, only it was in the wrong goal!:) He had no clue though, and he was so excited. As soon as he made the goal, he turned and flashed me the thumbs up sign. It was too cute! On the other team was a little girl named Alicia. She was on Jeremy's team last season, and had turned out to be a very good soccer player. In Jeremy's words, "Alicia came back to bite us!" She scored goal after goal against our rookies. The kids got a little frustrated, but they were good sports. Alicia's mom and I were laughing about the game, and I said, "Alicia's creaming us." She said, "Well, she had a good coach." John David was a trooper, but he really didn't feel well. Over the last week his allergies have been getting worse. With Spring on the horizon, I figured it was time to take him in to the doctor and get his allergy medicines updated. SO off we went Friday morning to see the pediatrician. Sure enough, they put him back on the Pulmicort, and a rescue inhaler. Getting him to sit still and take a breathing treatment proved to be difficult. Throughout the day yesterday, he just kept getting more and more sickly looking. When we dropped him off at the babysitter's last night he had no fever, and I thought that his new meds would just need a little while to kick in. During intermission at the bull riding event, I got a call from our friend Pam who was watching the kids. John David had a fever. By the time we drove back to Richmond and picked him up, he was pretty pitiful. SO, I am at home this morning taking care of the croupy sounding John. Hopefully he'll pull through quickly, and be back to his normal self in no time. Well, I will post bull riding pictures and video tomorrow. Love you all, and thank you to God Almighty who has for now blessed us with these.