Thursday, March 6, 2008

"That Boy Has Girl Hair!"

Yes, it's another crazy picture of one of the kids. The other night I was hanging clothes up in the girls' closet. I turned around and there was Kylie balancing on her head! She has always been our little climber, and gymnast. I though it was worth getting a picture of. Yesterday, I forgot to mention something else funny that John David has been doing. He is really becoming obsessed with the differences between boys and girls. Nothing too intimate (thank the Lord), just things like hair, jewelry, clothing, toys, etc. Anyway, twice this week Jeremy has taken John to Home Depot to pick up items for the house. The first time they were in line behind a young man who had multiple piercings on his face and ears. John unapologetically and loudly proclaims, "That boy is wearing girl stuff!" Luckily the young man was forgiving, and actually said, "I get that all the time." Yesterday, off to Home Depot they went again. John David had to go to the bathroom, and Jeremy approached an employee to ask where the bathroom was. The man had a long ponytail. When John started saying excitedly, "Daddy, Daddy," Jeremy knew what was coming and tried to shush him. It worked for a minute, but as they were walking away from the man, John yells, "That boy has girl hair!" To John David, he's just stating the facts, so explaining that this is rude has been difficult for him to understand. He's only three so I have hope that it will eventually sink in! If you haven't already signed our guestbook, make sure you check it out at the bottom of the blog page, and add your name. The web address is I know there are more of you out there! Love you all, and thank you to God Almighty for a week of nice weather!