Monday, March 17, 2008

8 Seconds Is Longer Than You Think

Here's the pictures and video from our trip to Hampton to watch PBR bull riding. We had a really great time, and were blessed to be able to take along our good friends John and Jennifer Warriner. With our busy schedules and lives that most the time revolve around the kids, we don't get to spend very much time with them. When we first moved to Virginia almost ten years ago, we became fast friends with the Warriners. During those first few years and through the years since, they have been a big encouragement to us and our kids. We used to spend most of our time together, but then the kids came! :) Anyway, we learned that watching bull riding on TV is nothing like seeing it in person. It was incredible! I truly think these guys are crazy! Since I don't get my yearly rodeo fix like I did in Tennessee, I've been wanting to go see bull riding for some time. It felt great to be in "Hillbilly World" for awhile. Felt like home with all the big belt buckles, cowboy boots, and Wranglers! I got some great video, and I hope you enjoy it. The Warriners posted some great video on their blog too (use the link on the right side of our blog page). They've got some video where the rider's hand gets caught in the strap, and his legs get trampled! I was too busy gasping to get the camera going! One thing I realized though, when I was downloading all the stuff off the camera.....I didn't get any pictures of us or the Warriners! It definitely was worth the drive, and I can't wait till we get a chance to go see it again. Love you all, and thank you to God Almighty for time to fellowship with dear friends.

****I forgot to mention yesterday that the soccer post has video and pictures. So if you haven't yet, be sure to cruise over to the blog page and check them out!****