Friday, February 22, 2008

A Rare Moment

Last Saturday afternoon, I caught this rare moment on film. Both my boys calm and sleeping!!:) John, of course, had fallen asleep with his Bob the Builder lunch box. Lately, this lunch box has gone almost everywhere with him. Inside he keeps his Spiderman suit. Surprise, surprise! Jeremy and I have decided that WalMart is of the devil. Last night, we went to WalMart to buy John a new careseat. His has been used for all the kids, and is on its last leg. Anyway, for a parents who have a little boy obsessed with Spiderman, there is Spiderman stuff everywhere! Spiderman clothes, Spiderman shoes, Spiderman bandaids, Spiderman hats, Spiderman underwear, and even Spiderman socks seemed to draw John in every five feet! Eventually, we had to make it clear that we were not buying everything Spiderman. He decided on some Spiderman cups. The boy has Spidey Fever! We are all doing pretty good today. John still keeps asking where Corey is, but he slept better than I thought he would last night. Caitlyn keeps forgetting Corey is gone, but I guess it will take some time to get used to it. Thank you to everyone for your cards and phone calls. We are very blessed to have such great friends! We are getting our family pictures taken this evening, so I'm excited about that. Jeremy and I have tickets to the Monster Truck Thunder Nationals tomorrow night, and the kids are spending the night with our friend Pam and her daughter Breanna. We are looking forward to the much needed alone time!! Thanks Pam and Breanna! I will load the new family pictures tonight or tomorrow morning. Love you all, and thank you to God Almighty who has been faithful in His healing!