Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Quick Update

The social worker called yesterday, and they are moving Corey tomorrow morning. I am doing much better with the whole situation. God has given me the strength to accept it. I have a peace now that I didn't have a few days ago. I'm sure that these feelings will come and go over the next few months, but I pray that I can just hold on to what I'm feeling right now. The girls are handling the move pretty well, but John David is still not really understanding what's going on yet. On a different topic, I had to go to the doctor Monday afternoon. My blood pressure went up again, and I had a headache for four days that I couldn't get rid of. The doctor gave me some pain medication and upped my dosage on my blood pressure medication. Later that night I took the pain medicine, but it didn't get rid of my headache. Yesterday morning, I called the doctor and let them know that the medicine didn't work. My doctor called me in something different, which (THANK THE LORD!!) worked. I feel so much better! My blood pressure is still not back to normal quite yet, but it may take a couple days for my change in medication to take effect. Anyway, I am feeling better and am thankful for a great doctor!