Thursday, January 28, 2010

Play-Off Game Party 1/24/10

This past weekend we had a great house party courtesy of Digiorno! As part of my blogging on My Four Monkeys, I'm a member of the website. You host parties of your friends and introduce them to different products. This was our first one, and we ended up having 45 people over (that did include one unborn baby :D)! Really, it was just an excuse to have a blast hanging out with our friends. :) Digiorno provided the pizza for the party and we did the rest. We invited friends to come watch the Saints vs. the Vikings on Sunday night, and while our team (the Vikings) didn't win, we still had a great time with all our friends! So much in fact, we are hosting a Super Bowl party too!

Good food - Great friends!

Michael says, "I tasted. I believe."


Cooking them as fast as we can!

Go Vikings!


No Delivery! My pregnant friend Misty sporting her Digiorno sticker. :)

Even Luke got to stay up and watch the game!


Mr. Lacks in John David's Obi wan Kenobi mask :D


**Thank you to House Party and Digiorno for providing the Party Pack!**