Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jeremy Builds a Wall

Last winter, Jeremy built a room onto our house using an already established screened-in porch that housed our hot tub. You can read all about that here and here and see pictures! Jeremy is the type of hubby that's always finding a project to do around the house. We recently finished painting the hallway and the living room, and now he's devised a plan for the living room. We have a very large living room that opens up into the kitchen and dining area as well as the school room. We love the wide open feeling of this part of the house but needed a way to separate our "office/blogging space from our actual living room space where the couches and TV are. Because we like the openness of our floor plan we didn't want to build any walls that would close off the space, and we were uncertain about doing anything too permanent that would come back to bite us if we decided to sell later.

Jeremy designed a half wall that comes out from the wall in our living room and forms a "T". This movable piece of wall serves it's purpose and can easily be removed. My husband is a genius!

First he framed the wall using 2"x6" boards.

Then he covered the frame using hardboard.

Next he primed the wall, then started adding the trim.

Finally he stained all the trim to match the dark woodwork in our living room, and painted the wall.

It now helps divide the room between the office/blogging area (I know it's messy!) and our family room. Thank you Jeremy!