Monday, June 8, 2009

Where is home? What is home?

I'm entering a Twitter Moms contest about a new movie called "Away We Go". As part of entering the contest, you are supposed to blog about what "home" means to you. (You can enter the contest too!) So, I've been thinking, where is home? What is home?

Home for me is where my husband is, where my children are. I used to refer to Tennessee as home, where I grew up, where my parents and siblings are. But now that I've lived here in Virginia for almost 11 years, and have spent that time making a life for myself here, I've realized that Tennessee is no longer home to me. If tomorrow we for some reason had to move to Turkey (totally random country, believe me I have no plans on moving to Turkey!), as long as I had my husband and my children, it would be home.

As you get older, I think that the definition of home changes. But for everyone it's that place where you are loved by the ones you love the most in this world, where you can be yourself with no apologies and no fear of rejection. Home is a place of refuge, a place of security and healing. I pray that we can make our home a place like this. Love you all, and thank you to God Almighty for our home and those in it.