Friday, June 12, 2009

Luke Does the Funky Crawl

Luke has started doing this funky crawl thing that I just had to share on video. He has discovered that he can move quicker this way than with the "classic crawl". Hope it makes you smile! We get some good laughs out of it!


~Amber~ said...

That is hilarious! Definitely made me laugh. He is the first baby I have EVER seen crawl like that. What a trip!! LOL Chewy reminds me so much of Buster! He is so cute!!

Pam I am! said...

I LOVE HIM!!!! That is just so funny....I have NEVER seen that either. And the tooth pictures are so stinkin cute! I'm so proud of you for getting some many pictures and videos of your 4th baby. You know they usually don't get as much 'footage' as the others. :) You're a fantabulous mom...wife...and friend! I love ya!