Monday, June 1, 2009

Cape Charles

Saturday, Jeremy surprised us all and took us on a day trip to Cape Charles. It's amazing that we've lived here almost eleven years and had never heard of Cape Charles. Jeremy heard about it from a friend, and decided it was worth a trip. And he was so right! The waves are gentle, the water shallow for yards, low crowd, and the variety of wildlife is entertaining. We ended up staying for over seven hours. Hey, we didn't drive two and a half hours, and pass over a 20 mile bridge to the eastern shore(I didn't particularly like that! I couldn't see land for awhile!) for nothing. :) It was a gorgeous day, and a gorgeous view. Jeremy missed a few spots when he was applying his sunscreen, so he's burnt! I mean really burnt. Poor guy. I'm a little burnt, but apparently we did a much better job applying sunscreen to the kids, because they're fine. Before our next trip (yes, we are definitely going back), I think we need to invest in a few beach accessories like an umbrella, and some visors! Here are a few of the pictures from Saturday and a montage of video clips. Enjoy!


ellen said...


You have a great blog, and some very cute kids!

This is a very random comment, because I just did a search for bloggers in Richmond, VA, and yours was the first that popped up!

My husband (of 7 months! :) ) and I are moving to Richmond from Chicago in August. He is going to do a post-baccalaureate pre-med program at VCU. We are really excited about it, but also nervous because we know NO one there. I was just wondering if you could recommend any neighborhoods that are better than others for apartments, any churches (we are Christians, too!) and just any thoughts or advice on living in Richmond in general.

Again, so random, I know. But any insight you could possibly give me would be hugely appreciated.

Have a great day!


Christy in OH said...

Lovely pics! What a fun day at the beach. Very cool that it was a local spot to your area too!

Becca said...

I looks like everyone had fun

CailinMarie said...

hey, found you via momblogger on ning! I enjoy all your pictures! looks like a great day at the beach for you all.

Christy in OH said...

I just saw the little stick figure family banner at the bottom of the page. I LOVE the name of your dog! I wish I would have thought of that for a few of our past puppies lol! Adorable.