Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Turn

Okay, so since I told Jeremy's embarrassing "snake" story, I feel I must even it up by admitting my bee story.

I am deathly afraid of bees! I am not sure when this started, but the buzzing combined with the fact that they sting you terrifies me. I think this intense fear came from two things:

1) My little brother is allergic to bees. He's only been stung once that I remember, but his arm swelled so big I thought it was going to pop, and we had to take him to the hospital. To a kid that's pretty scary, and I remember my mom mentioning that if he ever got stung close to his neck that his throat could swell shut and he could die. Hmmmm..........now I'm starting to realize just why I am so afraid of them! :D

2) When I was about five or six, we lived in a little house in Markle, Indiana, and under our front porch there was a bee's nest. One day I was playing on the front porch, and I remember trying to catch a bee with a plastic cup that I had. For some reason I was trying to cover it quick with the cup when it landed on the porch. I'm not sure what I was thinking, but I guess at that age I was just curious. Anyway, all I remember is that I actually finally caught one, but the others came to it's rescue. I don't remember exactly how many times I was stung that day, but I know it was more than two or three. I was a little traumatized by the fact that they ganged up on me. This was scary and the buzzing noises seemed scary at the time too.

But I am getting distracted. Onto the bee story........a few weeks ago a very large bumblebee got into our school room somehow, one of those big fat hairy ones that buzz really loud! Apparently my fear has rubbed off on Kylie, because she is scared of them too. She was quite upset, and wanted me to do something. I was thinking, I can do this....I'm the mom....I am an adult. I got a cup and thought that I would just catch it up against the window, except it was in the crack by the window sill and the cup idea was not going to work. So, (this took all the courage I had) I got several pieces of paper towel and tried to catch it that way. I thought I would squish it fast before it could get me! I took a minute to gather myself. I grabbed it, and after what seemed like forever (probably more like ten seconds) it stopped wiggling and buzzing that horrible buzz. The whole time, both the girls are anxiously waiting at the edge of the school room just as scared as I am. I was so proud of myself! As I went to pick it up off the window sill and take it to the trash, It started buzzing again! I hadn't actually had a hold of it. I was just sort of smashing it, but I couldn't feel that because I had so many layers of paper towels! At that moment the fear got the better of me and I took off running and screaming. The girls followed suit, and Kylie, in tears, yells, "Call daddy!" So that's exactly what I did. My first question was, "Can you come home?" He could tell I was on the verge of tears, and concerned asked, "What's wrong? Are you okay?" I proceeded to tell him what was going on, and he laughed at me! I was terrified, and he laughed! He did help though by suggesting the vacuum. So, still on the phone with him, I snuck over to the bee with the vacuum tube and sucked it up. It made this horrible sound and I could feel it hitting the inside of the tube on the way in. I screamed..... again, and Jeremy laughed....again. The girls and I then asked the obvious question that was on our minds, "Is it going to fly back out?" After he stopped laughing, Jeremy assured us that it was in their for good....he thought!

We have since recovered from the bee incident, but the first time we used the vacuum after that, Caitlyn looked at me and said, "Is Daddy sure that the bee's not going to fly out?" :D

Love you all, and thank you to God Almighty for my fearless husband!