Monday, December 7, 2009

How Precious!

I have such a talented sister! She can take a camera and create the most incredible pictures. Although she works full-time as a nanny (and a fabulous one at that!), she works part time as a freelance photographer. She does it all, from weddings and events to family portraits and children. Over the years she has captured some amazing photos of my children, whether it's just an impromptu photo shoot for fun or something we plan during a visit. I love to look at my kids through her eyes, because sometimes life gets so busy that I forget just how beautiful they are! Here's a few pics of the "big kids" she did on our recent visit during the Thanksgiving holiday. Her and her fiance are visiting during New Year's and we can't wait!



Keeley said...

Hey!! Your family is so beautiful. I love the pictures that Andrea took. Does she have any pricing? Gene and I want to get some family pics done around April or so and are trying to find someone who can capture those candid photos and some posed ones, but that has the talent equivalent to Andrea. Anyway, if she might be interested, please pass along my email, or give me hers. How are you doing? I am going crazy, so I can't even imagine having 4 kids. I would love to hear from you.