Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Preparation Checklist:: #1 - Put Up the Decoraions!

We spent Sunday and Monday decorating the house for the holiday. It was so much fun to watch Jeremy and kids get all excited about the Christmas decorations! It's all part of the magic that surrounds this time of year and I love to sit back and watch, watch the pure joy in their faces and the smiles that beam across the room. Jeremy kept asking me what was wrong, I guess I was being a little quiet. The truth is that I was close to tears the whole time because doing this as a family is a stark reminder of just how blessed we truly are! There are so many families that don't have a fraction of what we've been blessed with. And I don't mean just the material things! So for the next few weeks, as we prepare for the Christmas holiday and we're crazy busy with all the activities and parties that tend to crowd this time of year, I'm going to try my best to keep that almost teary feeling because it helps me remember what's important and why we're all celebrating this season.

Enjoy these pictures of our very delicate decorating process. Not quite! :D

Jeremy and the kids did a fabulous job on the tree, don't you think? You'll have to excuse the jammies, our kiddos hadn't gotten dressed yet.

I love the hearth at Christmas!

Jeremy did a great job on the outside decorations and the girls even helped put lights on the bushes.

Can you see the girls peeking out from their top bunk while we were taking pictures? :)

It's getting time to start baking our Christmas cookies. Can't wait!



MoonNStarMommy said...

OMGosh it looks awesome!!! I've come back (again) ... I have missed you. You look GREAT!!! And... is there an extra stocking there hanging??? (I'm kinda going hummm here...) ... I love this season too (the Christmas season, not winter) ... we just got dumped on MAJORLY in WI. We got about 15 inches of snow in about 24 hours. It was crazy! I put pictures up on my blog. I'm catching up w/ updates from the past couple months.

MoonNStarMommy said...

PS I forgot to tell you that I love the new family photo you have up! It's GREAT!!! :)

And the stocking is probably for the dog huh? LOL