Friday, July 31, 2009

Our Caity-bug is Home!

Caitlyn is finally home, and I did exactly what I knew I would do as soon as I saw her: I started crying like crazy! I know she's eight years old, and I know it's time to let her spread her wings a little bit, but I missed her terribly! So did Kylie, and that was evident by the fact that she hasn't let her sister far from her side since Caitlyn returned.

Earlier today, we made Caitlyn a "Welcome Home" sign, and the kids had a blast decorating it. Caitlyn loved it too! She's pretty tired from the past week. All the candy, long days, lots of playing, and a cabin full of girls resulted in little sleep. Needless to say, she still talked a mile a minute the whole afternoon telling us all about her big adventure. She told us all about how her cabin got the "Dirty Sock Award" two days in a row for a messy cabin (no surprise here if you knew what Caitlyn's room looked like half the time!). As punishment, the girls had to clean up the cafeteria after all the kids had eaten lunch. She wasn't too happy about that part! Caitlyn was really excited to get the chance to sing in front of the whole camp before our preacher spoke at chapel. That's probably a couple hundred people! She of course didn't bat an eye to it. She amazes me with her confidence. I don't know where she gets it! All in all, we've gathered that she had a fantastic time, and can't wait to go back next year! Wait just a minute..... mommy needs to recover from this year first! :D