Wednesday, July 29, 2009

She's Got Wings

Monday morning, Caitlyn went off on her first true adventure away from camp. I keep telling myself that she's eight years old.....and then I think, she's only eight years old! She's with adults that I trust, but there's just something about the first time you send them off to camp that rips your heart out. Caitlyn has been so excited preparing for this trip over the last week. We've been labeling all her clothes, packing bug spray and sunscreen, and trying to get everything to fit in her duffle bag! I was excited for her, but at that same time anxious about it. The worst part is that there is no phone service where she is, so phone calls are nonexistent! At first I really didn't miss her too terribly bad, and I thought that the week may not be as torturous as I had imagined. After the first 24 hours though, it started to kick in. Now I really miss her, as do Kylie and John. Kylie is especially struggling with her being gone. Kylie has never slept by herself in her room for more than one night. Her and Caitlyn have shared a room for Kylie's whole life. One of the biggest things about Caitlyn being gone is that it is much quieter. :D Caitlyn is a talker! She will be returning Friday afternoon, and you can be sure that we will be in the parking lot waiting for her. Maybe the kids and I will make her a "welcome back" sign!


Theta Mom said...

That is hard. I think we'll be worrying and missing our kids until they are adults or at least out of high school. I like the sign idea...she'll really feel special :)