Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More Animal Encounters

What is it with us and animals lately?! Jeremy found a toad at church on Sunday night and the kids insisted on bringing it home. So we now have a toad that's hanging out in the girls old fish tank. It actually eats flies and beetles that we put in the tank! It's pretty cool to watch it! Then, Caitlyn comes home last night with two tree frogs that she found at our friend's pool. Somehow they escaped during the night. I figured they were probably somewhere in the boys room, because we had put them in the tank with the toad. As I was getting ready to take a shower this morning, I noticed something on the floor. I had already taken my glasses off and whatever it was looked like a piece of trash, so I picked it up. As soon as I got it closer to my face, I realized what it was. A dead frog! So gross! Eventually the girls found the other one in their bathroom.

Over the last week, Jeremy has taken all three "big" kids fishing one on one. they have had a great time! John David even got to go fishing in a john boat. Neither one of thought to take the camera with until the last trip when Jeremy took Caitlyn. Here's a few pictures of the beautiful scenery where they were fishing, and Caitlyn and her small mouth bass she caught. She was a little disappointed that he wasn't big enough to keep. :)