Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring is Coming!

Once again the time got away from me (Sorry!), and it has been a whole week since I posted! The last week has been a whirlwind of crazy weather. As you can see from my last posting, we were bombarded with tons of snow last week. The weather this past weekend? Sunny and 80 degrees! It's insane but Spring is definitely on its way. Saturday the kids were outside from the time they got up till it got dark. Jeremy got a good couple motorcycle rides in, and even took Caitlyn on the bike to and from church on Sunday. He decided to take advantage of the good weather and started teaching Kylie to ride her bike without training wheels. Below I posted a few videos from that adventure. She actually is doing pretty well, and just needs to master the art of turning and stopping. :)

Kylie has really been growing up recently. She even learned how to tie her shoes yesterday! Her personality is so different from Caitlyn's. She is actually the quieter one, and many times a loner. Her best friend is without a doubt Chewy, our black lab. If she could get him up into her loft bed, I promise you she would sleep with him every night. She is starting to get over some of her shyness around people she doesn't know, and she's making friends with some of the little girls at church. During school time, she is our class clown hands down. Jeremy and I are looking at maybe getting her onto a swim team this summer, in hopes of encouraging her natural athletic abilities. Her favorite toys right now are the Littlest Pet Shop animals. Since Kylie starting learning how to read, she has begun to enjoy school more than she did before, but still drags in last of all the kids when it's time to start in the mornings. She is still a ball of fire, just a little more controlled these days!

Since Kylie is now using Caitlyn's bike, and Caitlyn has grown so much this past six months, it was time for a new bike for Caitlyn. Yesterday we were shoe shopping at Goodwill (pinching pennies!) and we found a great bike just right for her, and it was only $25!

Here's a couple quick videos of Jeremy and the girls messing around on the mini-bike last Saturday. After the second time they almost ran me down, I decided to get out of the way! :)Enjoy!