Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Jig is Up

Caitlyn finally discovered that the tooth fairy is a fake! Two weeks ago she had two teeth removed at the dentist office. Her mouth is getting too crowded and her permanent teeth are having difficulty coming in, so two baby teeth needed to be pulled to make more room. Anyway, all the way home from the dentist she went on and on about how she was going to get money from the tooth fairy. That night as she was getting ready for bed, and putting her teeth in her "Tooth Fairy Box", she declared to Jeremy that she thought him and I were the ones that put the money in the box for her. What she couldn't figure out was who was leaving her the letters from "Trixie" the tooth fairy. Suddenly it dawned on her, and she turned to me and asked, "Are you the one that wrote me the letters?" I couldn't lie to her, so I confessed. She actually thought it was funny, and exclaimed, "That's why she keeps forgetting to leave me the money!" After that the only question she had was, "What do you do with all the teeth?" Keeping up the act for her sister, she put her teeth in her box, and patiently waited for her money. Sadly, the tooth fairy took a few days to remember to leave the money. When Caitlyn discovered the stack of quarters, she said, "Daddy already gave me money." I told her we thought those teeth were worth a few extra dollars since they had to be taken out by the dentist. So far, Kylie has no clue, but it's only a matter of time before she too is too old for the fairy! Words of warning: I'm sure Santa Clause is next!!


Pam I am! said...

Your Blog looks AWESOME as always!!! The Jig is up cracked me up! LOL :) Love you lots!

Claiborne said...
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