Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Extra Fluid?

Well, my doctor ended up upping my blood pressure medication. We still have a little room for more if needed, but he can't up my dose much more. After running a test at the office, he said for now that I don't have to stay in bed. Yeah! I was very excited to get that news, since he had put me to bed for the day on Monday. He is a little concerned that I am continuing to measure bigger than my 28 weeks. He said there is the possibility of there being too much amniotic fluid. I have an ultrasound scheduled Friday to check the fluid level, and also check the baby's weight. Please pray that all goes well. My blood sugars have also been a little crazy, but I see my endocrinologist on Thursday afternoon. Looks like for now I have dodged the "bed rest bullet"! My due date is still 12 weeks away, and I'm praying and trusting God that we will be able to make it long enough for Luke to be strong and healthy.