Monday, January 21, 2008

My Amazing Sister

My sister Andrea works with Mint and Sage Photographers as an intern. She has been working with them for awhile now, and I always check their blog to see the latest pictures. Thier blog is listed in my favorite blogs on our blog home page. Last Friday's posting (1/18/08) was an eye opener for me. It was about Andrea, and it had five questions that her boss Krystal asked her and her answers. I knew nothing about this, and I even talked to her just last night! Most of the answers I of course already knew, but the last one blew me away. Check out the post at! It goes to show you never know who is watching you, or who you might mean the world to. Our relationship has grown and changed dramatically over the past few years. She amazes me and I am so proud of her! I love you too Lil' Mac!!