Monday, January 21, 2008

Extreme Sledding

This weekend was very snowy for us! Lots of flakes, but not much accumulation though. Saturday Jeremy was working on the siding on the house in the snow (video below)! I couldn't believe it, but being a Wisconsin native he saw no problem. Later that evening the snow finally started to accumulate a little, and the kids wanted to go out and play in it. By this time it was dark out, but again Jeremy had a plan. He tied their two sleds up to his lawnmower tractor, and pulled them around the front yard for over an hour! Their was only about an inch of snow on the ground, maybe less! The kids had a blast, and now there is a muddy figure eight in our front yard. I tried to take a video, but it was too dark out. All you could see in the video was the tractor's headlights, and hear the kids screaming and laughing. I did get the couple pictures above of Kylie and Caitlyn with their big snowballs, John's pouty face when he had to leave his snowball outside, and the kids sledding. Most of the pictures I took didn't come out because it was too dark, but these few looked alright after I brightened them up a bit on my computer. Overall, I think Jeremy and the kids made some great memories. I had a great time just watching! Thank you Jeremy for taking the time to make great memories with our children! You're a great Daddy! Love you all, and thank you to God Almighty who has for now blessed us with one more.