Thursday, January 31, 2008

Beirut Or Bust!

Okay, so I've had some very exciting news for a few days, but was waiting for my mom to post it on her blog before I broke the news. My Mom and Dad are heading for Beirut, Lebanon in March for a ten day missions trip to help with a children's camp. This has been a long time coming for my mom, who has dreamed of going on a missions trip for years! They are very excited, and trying to get all their ducks in a row before the big trip. There has been talk of my sister coming to stay with us while my parents are gone, so I'm really hoping that works out. I am so proud of my parents, and hope that they have a fantastic life-changing experience over there. How exciting! As you know Beirut is not always the safest place. Please pray that they will be safe, and that the bombing will stop. If there is any bombing close to where they are going, the trip will have to be canceled. What a blessing to have the opportunity to spread the gospel to foreign lands! My mom posted on her blog about it if you would like to read it: Congratulations! We love you!