Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sushi? Me? Never Again!

A couple weeks ago, we had the privilege of meeting two of our favorite couples, Mark & Candy and Pam & Billy, for dinner. All four of our kids and Candy and Mark's daughter Abby came along for the fun. We met at an Asian restaurant, and I settled in for some yummy Cashew Chicken and rice. Next thing I know, there is talk of sushi. Wait, sushi? Almost all the adults ordered sushi. I did not.

When the sushi came, Pam and Jeremy were trying to talk me into tasting some sushi. Now granted it wasn't the raw kind, and basically was rice, veggies, and seaweed, but seriously... me eat sushi? Eventually I gave in, and tried some. It didn't go so well. I couldn't even swallow it! It was disgusting and I will probably never try it again. :) The highlight of my night was when little Abby showed us how she could hold a pen with her nose. :D