Thursday, February 16, 2012

Caitlyn and Kylie Have Birthdays!

I know, I know. I'm a slacker. It's been months since I updated our family blog. Truth be told, we've had the craziest busiest few months of our lives it seems. Many times I would get to the end of the day, sitting on the couch, laptop in hand, and set out to update everyone, at least add some pictures, or jot down a few paragraphs. But, I would set it aside, exhausted from the day, with the promise to myself that I would update first thing in the morning. Obviously, I lied to myself. :) Many of you are now on Facebook, and see pictures and things I upload there (although I'm not so great about that either), and I used that as an excuse to keep putting this off. I realized the other day, that not all of you are on Facebook (if you are and we're not 'friends' on Facebook, you can find us at and therefore, updating here is still important. Plus, on Facebook you can't get the whole story, right?

 Since I have a ton of updating to do, I've got a strategy. I'm going to update with recent happenings and work my way backwards, still adding recent things as they happen. That work for you? First on the schedule, Caitlyn and Kylie's birthdays!

 Caitlyn turned eleven on the first of this month! Amazing, huh?! It's hard to believe she will be a teenager is two years. Shh! I didn't just say that! She is still very passionate about animals and aspires to one day be a veterinarian or work at an animal shelter. Although, a recent obsession with all things fashion has put thoughts of fashion design in her head. :) Catlyn is still taking Irish dance, taking both hard show and soft shoe this year. She is doing very well, and as usual excels at the dramatic and expressive side of dancing. She has grown by leaps and bounds in the last several months, and is all arms and legs at this point. She is the sixth grade and doing very well. Her favorite subject? Literature, of course. She literally reads a book every other day almost, and I'm talking 500 page books! For her birthday, she asked for a gift card to Barnes and Noble! Caitlyn still enjoys art and drawing as well, and she's always working on a new sketch or painting.

Caitlyn opted to have her own personal slumber party this year for her birthday. Usually her and Kylie have a joint sleepover, but they decided it was time to take a break and have their own parties this year. Her and her friends spent the night doing pedicures and manicures, dancing to the sounds of Celtic Woman (Caitlyn had fun showing off her Irish dance skills), and watching movies. My friend Jyll made Caitlyn a fashion-inspired cake that she loved!

Kylie turned nine this past weekend, and changes more and more everyday. She is very girly now, but still has that tomboy fire in her on occasion. She is excelling at TaeKwonDo and is now a red belt along with John David. Jeremy recently starting taking TaeKwonDo again, and they are all able to be in the same classes each week. having the push from Jeremy and the support he brings being there with her, Kylie has really become more focused and motivated. She is also taking clogging this year in dance, which is a perfect fit with her personality! Anything that is high energy and keeps her moving! She is in third grade this year, and her favorite subjects? English and Literature. What is it with my kids and books? :) Kylie is also very much a fan of art, and is always doodling on something. She continues to be full of life, but often shy. Her smile is contagious and she seems to have the rare gift of seeing a need and filling it. Always super compassionate, she is skilled at comforting others and somehow always knows just who needs the joy her smile brings.

Kylie wanted to have a fun and energetic birthday party, so we scheduled a party at our local Pump It Up, and inflatable playground of sorts. It was super fun, and the kids all had a great time. My favorite part? I didn't have to clean up! My friend Jyll did an amazing job on Kylie's cake as well, creating a Hello Kitty head that had everyone ooohing and ahhhing. It was almost too pretty to cut! I hated not to make the girls' cakes myself this year, but I never could have done the great job that Jyll did and the girls were so happy! I happen to get my new camera that I ordered that day, so there are LOTS of pictures form the party. I was super excited and loving my new camera! :)

Kylie and her best friend Bella

The slides were everyone's favorite...

... including Jeremy's!

Caitlyn and friends

Didn't take long before everyone was sweaty and tired from all the bouncing and jumping!

The staff was amazing and treated Kylie like a queen!

The boxing ring proved to be the most popular attraction. Looking fierce, Caitlyn!

Kylie loved the glittery bow!
Valentine goodies bags



Our Family said...

Thank you for posting on your blog again for those of us who DO NOT have a facebook account. ;-) My girls enjoyed being a part of both Caitlyn and Kylie's parties. Thanks for including them. We love you guys! Amber

The Knutson Klan said...

Love you guys too! :)