Friday, February 25, 2011

Catching Up....

It's been a busy week (I've had two fighting a stomach bug), but I just wanted to post a quick "catch up". :) Luke's surgery last week went fabulously! We were in and out of the surgery center faster than we ever have been before. Luke did great, and once we arrived back home he wanted to play. I expected him to nap for awhile, but he lay down till that afternoon. Then he slept for almost five hours though! He has healed well, and is finally done with all the meds from the surgery. Hopefully, this will be our last trip to the surgery center with him. :)

The Friday before Luke's surgery, the girls' had their annual birthday sleepover. There were twelve little girls ages 6 to 12 here that night. This year, I enlisted two teenage girls to help! Everyone had a blast, but we were all pretty tired the next day. Here's a couple pics I managed to snap during the festivities. I made some lavender cupcakes with a chocolate mousse filling. They were delicious, and it was my first try at using fondant. But they turned out really cute!

The girls got lots of fun gifts, including some craft kits that they have really enjoyed....

Most of all, they just had fun being with their friends! It's hard to believe they are growing up so fast, but I am glad that they both have a great set of friends.

**PS: My camera is really giving me trouble. I seriously need a new one so I can take pictures that aren't fuzzy and weird looking! Anybody got any recommendations?**