Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Big Firsts: A Lost Tooth & Getting Dressed

In the last twenty-four hours, I have gotten two big reminders that my boys are growing up fast! First John David lost his first tooth last night. He has been dreading the pulling, and didn't realize that it doesn't hurt. Jeremy talked him into just letting him "look". ;) He barely touched the tooth and it fell right out. John David didn't even know it was missing! It was one of those that was so loose that it barley even bled. Now he hasn't the cutest little smile, but somehow it makes him look older.... humph :)

This morning, Luke asserted his independence with a surprising accomplishment. He not only managed to undress himself (which he's been doing for a few weeks), but managed to dress himself as well complete with shorts and pants! I tried to help him, just assuming that he needed my help, but all I got was a emphatic. "NO!" I left the room, thinking surely he would call me back shortly to help. A few minutes later, he emerged completely dressed, and this mommy was a bit sad and very proud at the same time!