Friday, December 17, 2010

Our Thanksgiving Holiday - The Rest of the Story

So after visiting my parents in Tennessee, we headed to Indiana where we celebrated a birthday with my cousin's stepson, helped my Nanny decorate for the holidays, visited with the Stults, saw our first snow of the season, and baked Christmas cookies! We didn't have much time, but we crammed as much fun as we could in what time we had!

Lunch at the Stults - Caitlyn and Issac
John David and Sam
Kylie and Gracie
Cutie Patootie Micah
Birthday Fun with Joey
I think Luke thought the new scooter was for him! :)
Todd, Jeremy, and Uncle Mike - talking guy talk
Tami and Rocky
Just the girls - Me, Tami, Angie, Vicki, and Lacy
It's Snowing - You can't really see it, but it is... I promise!
Kylie thought Nanny's old fashioned crank cookie press was pretty cool.
Yummy cookies!
More cookies!
Thank you Nanny!

Lastly it was off to Ohio, where we visited with two of my aunts and uncles, one of which we hadn't seen since Kylie was a newborn!

Uncle Mike and Mary Lu
The kids and Kramer

We were definitely happy to be home when we returned, but are looking forward to the next visit!