Friday, June 18, 2010

The Ride Home

Over the last month, we have traveled nearly 4,000 miles, and spent three weeks away from home. To say the least, when we were heading home that final day of driving seemed like it couldn't end soon enough!

Of all the countless hours spent driving, Jeremy drove all but two of them! He's my hero!

Even though my behind got quite numb on occasion, I still managed to enjoy some of the great scenery we got to see. The mountains are absolutely beautiful in West Virginia (even though they make me car sick!)! I was also thankful that we made it safely to all our destinations and back home in one piece! (You can see a bit of my new do in this pic.)

We are so blessed to have kids that travel well! They always make the best out of the long hours in the van, and find ways to keep themselves busy. Can you tell we had been in the vans for days?! You can't hardly get around in there! Nanny gave the kids some treats for the car that were lifesavers. They were starting to get tired of the stuff we had taken.

We were a bit worried about this trip with Luke. He's at an age where the kids always had trouble traveling. He was such a trooper though!

We are not planning on doing any traveling again till the fall. We need a break! =D