Friday, June 18, 2010

Our Quick Stop in Indiana

On the way back from Wisconsin, we stopped in Indiana to visit some of my family there. We only had one day to spare, and it was definitely not enough, but we made the best of the time we had! We stayed at my aunt and uncle's house (Nanny and Uncle Mike) as usual, and so appreciated their hospitality!

First stop was my cousin's house for lunch. We always have a great time visiting the Stults, and Jen and Jeremy always make time to see us no matter how short a notice. :) Sorry, Jen! Yes, that's right, Jen is also married to a Jeremy. Great minds think alike! :D We had a quick lunch and then let the kids play outside in the kiddie pool since it was nice and warm. The kids had a blast, and the Dads were "supervising", all the while trying not to get wet. It's the first time we had had the chance to see the twins, and they were so precious!

After lunch, we headed back to Nanny's so Luke could get an afternoon nap. While he was napping, I got a wild hair and asked Nanny to give my hair a makeover! She's a hair dresser, and for the first over twenty years of my life, one of the few people who ever touched my hair. Those special times sitting in her chair are few and far between, but I decided to take advantage of the few hours we had that afternoon. I've been wanting something different (hairstyle-wise) for a few months, but had decided it would probably be smart not to do anything crazy till after my sister's wedding. With the wedding over, I couldn't wait to let Nanny do something new!

I will post a picture of the results soon, but let's just say, their was some red hair dye involved and I cut off several inches. It will be so nice for the summer heat!

Anyway, the evening hours were spent catching up with my cousins and the rest of the Thomas side of the family at Tami and Rocky's. It was the first time I had been to Indiana since my cousin Tami's wedding and hadn't had the privilege of visiting her new home yet. It was fabulous! We grilled out (or at least Rocky did), hunted for frogs, and just had a great time in general hanging out together. The time we spent with these special people in our lives is the stuff memories are made of. Nanny and Jeremy and I even got some time to teach Caitlyn how to play Hand and Foot, our traditional family card game! We cannot wait to get back when we have more time to be together! Tomorrow wouldn't be soon enough!

Enjoy the slideshow of our time in Indiana!