Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Upcoming Surgeries for the Boys

The last few days have been a little crazy (still trying to catch up on emails and such) and it looks like it's gonna be a little crazy for awhile. Jeremy and I took the boys to an appointment with the ENT doctor yesterday. We were expecting to hear that Luke was going to need to tubes in his ears as he's been struggling with recurring ear infections for awhile now. But, we were surprised to discover that John David is in need of another set of tubes, and the doctor is wanting to remove his adenoids as well. John David has had ear issues since he was very little, and we were hoping that he would grow out of them, but no such luck. He's been seeing a different doctor that I had gotten a little frustrated with because I felt that he shouldn't still be having issues, and his doctor kept waiting to see if it would clear up on it's own. It's been about three years since his first set of tubes fell out, and we're still waiting. Needless to say, when the pediatrician referred Luke to a different ENT, we decided that John David would change doctors.

Everything is happening pretty fast with pre-op check-ups this week, and both surgeries scheduled for next Monday. With my sister's wedding right around the corner in a few weeks, we are praying that the boys recovery goes well. Please keep us in your prayers, as I'm sure that Monday will be a bit of a difficult day. While I am sad that it has come to this, I am looking forward to both boys being healthy and able to have accurate hearing evaluations to see if all this has done any damage. I think Luke will be fine once the tubes are in, and expect his speech to increase with some relief of the pressure in his ears. I am a little worried about John David, as his ear issues have been ongoing for almost five years now. I am really glad though, that we decided to see a new doctor!